What we Do

The nascent HELINA Standards and Interoperability Working Group focuses on the following activities:

Standards and Interoperability Working Group Events

Our Activities

  • Supporting the review and recommendation of key standards especially those relevant to HIV/AIDS and TB care
  • Constituting relevant stakeholders to validate and endorse health information standards for use.
  • Support the building and implementation of relevant HL7 FHIR resources
  • Recommending terminology standards including aggregate data exchange (ADX) formats for use by countries
  • Providing guidance on national level metadata management
  • Providing supporting dissemination of materials related to standards.”

  1. Support countries to come up with national health information architectures
  2. Allow sharing of knowledge of health information exchange domains, exchange formats, and interoperability serviced layers
  3. Support organizational, semantic, syntactic and technical interoperability issues for countries
  4. Explore practical interoperability use-cases (such as Case-based surveillance) to help countries actualize functional HIE.
  5. Aggregate, organize and share existing national and interoperability architectures, related toolkits and user guides.

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