How to participate

The HELINA conference is a congregation of health informatics professionals pulled from Africa and globally with the purpose of allowing them to meet one another, network and to learn about and discuss issues, ideas and work that focus on health informatics.

The goal of the conference is to advance health informatics in Africa by providing a platform where digital health implementors can showcase interventions, innovations and solutions which can be borrowed and improved for implementation with the greater good of strengthening healthcare delivery in Africa.

Each conference has a unique theme curated and participants are requested to submit abstracts or papers on their interventions and research.

Each conference is hosted by different countries, organisations or associations by submitting a hosting bid document to

The Bid document should include:

  1. Profile of the bidding Society
  2. Proposed dates and location for the conference
  3. Proposed content, potential innovation, and potential sponsors for the conference
  4. Budget

The requirements provided below should guide the preparation of a Bid.



HELINA conferences usually attract 150 to 200 participants. While it is hoped that the numbers can be increased through various promotion and innovations, member societies are expected to identify conference facilities that can accommodate 150 – 250 persons. The facilities should have:

  • 1 plenary hall with capacity of about 200 persons
  • 2 meeting halls for parallel scientific sessions with capacity of 100 – 150 persons each
  • Meeting rooms for use by Working Groups and other groups
  • Space for on-site registration
  • Exhibition space (at the meeting site, or in close proximity) including catering
  • Room / space for administrative activities

Technical Equipment

  • Standard audio-visual equipment in all session rooms
  • Availability of standard conference and workshop equipment e.g. Public Address (PA) system, slide projector, projection screen, printer, access to photocopy machine, Wi-Fi at the conference site.
  • Computer for administrative activities


  • Hotels of different categories including budget hotels
  • Availability of medium and low-cost accommodation (including student dormitories). A distance between conference venue and hotels should be no more than 20 minute drive


The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) will be responsible for the organisation of the following aspects of the conference:

  • Involvement of local authorities such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Communication and Technology, and key institutions such as Universities, Hospitals, industry, international development partners, etc.
  • Meeting between key authorities and Board members
  • Identification of sponsors for the conference
  • Design of conference posters in collaboration with the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC)
  • Address problems regarding visas for participants coming from different countries
  • Rent of the conference venue(s), including exhibition and social events
  • Responsibility for the tasks associated with ensuring that the conference runs smoothly, including at least: establishing media relations, developing regional contacts, encouraging participation in the conference, mobilizing volunteers etc.
  • Identifying potential local speakers for keynote addresses
  • Social program, for example conference party and/or other cultural events
  • Preparation and handling of sight-seeing tours (optional)
  • Arranging discount with hotels for conference participants
  • Production of paraphernalia (t-shirts, logos, souvenirs, etc.) for sale at the conference (optional)
  • Documenting flight schedules to facilitate pick-up and drop-off of participants at airports.
  • Recruitment of key members of the LOC and potential candidates for the co-chair of the Scientific Program Committee
  • A revenue sharing agreement with HELINA which will be discussed and agreed on between HELINA and the member society


  • HELINA will provide letters of support to funding agencies under consideration by the member Society
  • HELINA will provide the conference registration and paper submission systems
  • HELINA will publish conference proceedings and papers
  • The SPC will work with the LOC to organize the scientific sessions
  • HELINA Working Groups will work with the LOC to organize the pre-conference events – tutorials and workshops


The budget for the conference should show cost for the items below. Budget should be quoted in US dollars.

Registration fees

Conference facilities:

  • Rental for 5 days
  • Technical equipment and support
  • Signs and decoration
  • Internet connection, Wi-Fi
  • Exhibition space
  • Registration area
  • Housekeeping
  • Translation English/French translation (personnel and equipment)
  • Conference materials: Design of conference posters
  • Conference bag (including local information, maps etc.)
  • Printed materials such as posters and leaflets
  • Conference program book
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Conference management system
  • Social events (opening and closing ceremony, reception, tourism programs)
  • Exhibition booths
  • Photography
  • Invitation and accommodation of HELINA Board members”