Carol Kamasaka


Carolyn Kamasaka stands as a highly accomplished digital health specialist with over a decade  of dedicated expertise in the design, planning, implementation, and evaluation of digital health  interventions across Uganda and various countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Her distinguished  career is marked by a unique blend of skills and experiences that set her apart in the dynamic  world of digital health. 

Currently serving as a Senior Program Officer-Digital Health at PATH Uganda, Ms. Kamasaka  assumes a pivotal role in advising on digital health strategies and initiatives. Her  comprehensive experience encompasses engagements at both national and sub-national levels.  On the national front, she has worked closely with senior leadership at the Ministry of Health,  effectively coordinating digital health initiatives in collaboration with health development  partners. At the sub-national level, she has provided invaluable guidance in developing  standard operating procedures (SOPs), conducting user and supervisor training, monitoring  performance, and synthesizing crucial insights. 

Her extensive partnership network encompasses esteemed donors and development partners  such as the Global Fund, USAID, Rockefeller Foundation, WHO, UNICEF, CDC, and the  Gates Foundation. Carolyn’s reputation as a trusted collaborator has allowed her to secure  critical support for digital health initiatives that might have otherwise remained unrealized. 

In addition to providing technical leadership for deployment and operationalization of digital  health solutions like DHIS2, OpenMRS, mTRAC, OpenSRP, CHT, LIMS, eLMIS among  others by leveraging cutting edge technology, Ms. Kamasaka has an exceptional track record  in supporting and leading cross-border implementation of digital health solutions. She has  successfully navigated the complex landscape of international collaborations, working  seamlessly with entities like IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development) &  HELINA (Pan African Health Informatics Association) to facilitate the deployment of cutting edge digital health interventions. Her ability to bridge regulatory and operational gaps between  countries in the Africa region has unlocked new possibilities for healthcare delivery and data  sharing across borders. 

As the President of the Uganda Health Informatics Association, Carolyn holds a position of  influence and leadership. Her insights and guidance shape the direction of health informatics  in Uganda and beyond, positioning her as a thought leader in the field. 

Carolyn holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and a Master’s degree in Health  Informatics, both from Makerere University in Uganda. This strong academic foundation  empowers her to blend practical experience with theoretical expertise.

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